Open Space & Fields Committee

Mission: To advise the Town Council on matters concerning acquisition, management, preservation, and improvement of town parks, open space and fields for the enhancement of the quality of life of its citizens.
When: Meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Middletown Fire Department’s Community Room. Meeting will occasional be conducted at different locations and times. They will be posted as such.



  • List, describe, determine deed restrictions, and define usage of all public and private open space parcels, parks and recreational fields belonging to or in trust to the town.
  • Identify and prioritize public and private open space parcels, parks, and recreational fields for future acquisition.
  • Conduct ongoing needs analysis for all recreation districts.
    Preservation and Maintenance:
  • Preserve environmentally sensitive areas, areas of intrinsic natural beauty, fresh and saltwater marshes, estuaries and adjoining uplands, watershed areas, rights of public access, and recreational land and facilities.
  • Establish public procedures for timely repair, maintenance, and prioritized improvements for all open space parcels, parks and recreational fields on an annual basis.

Funding Sources:

  • Participate in local and state bond referendums that advance our mission.
  • Draft grants and develop alternative revenue streams that would contribute to our mission.
  • Establish partnerships and collaborate with other communities; local, state and federal agencies; businesses; and organizations that share our mission.
  • Network with other town boards and committees with similar responsibilities.

Education and Advocacy:

  • Educate the public about the benefits of open space and advocate the conservation of agricultural lands.
  • Recommend incorporating open space, recreational fields and parks in planned developments.
  • Advocate passage of local, state and federal legislative initiatives that will contribute to our mission.

Contact Information

G. Mason Hawes

Contact Open Space & Fields Committee

Middletown, RI 02842

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